Structuring yourself a decent diet can reap rewards such as better health, improved fitness levels, and a better physique.
Here is a diet for a bodybuilder wishing to add mass while staying fairly lean. You will gain fat whilst eating above maintenance calories. Some people will gain more fat than others, some people will find it more difficult gaining mass than others, its only by experimenting you can find out what your body needs in order to improve your appearance.
Example bulking diet plan for an average 200lb person looking to add quality mass:
06:30am 5g serving of JST Jodie® RAGE212
07:00am 30 mins Steady State cardio (walking uphill, steady jogging, cycling)
07:45am 100g oats in water, 4 egg whites & 1 whole egg (high omega 3 eggs if you can)
10:30am 30g serving of JST Jodie® RIP UP
01:30pm 150g tuna or 150g chicken breast on wholemeal pitta bread Large salad tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber
04:30pm 50g Mackerel or salmon on wholemeal pitta bread 1 tablespoon peanut butter
05:00pm Training (weights)
06:00pm 30g serving of JST Jodie® RIP UP
06:45pm 75g rice, 150g chicken breast or 150g lean beef, Vegetables, 15ml Flaxseed Oil
09:30pm 250g cottage cheese, Mackerel or salmon salad, Handful of nuts